11th Miss + Mister Deaf Universe 2024
22. November - 2. December 2024
in Warsaw , Poland

The daily schedule for

Miss + Mister Deaf Universe 2024 contestants

The schedules for the two finals on 28 and 30 November 2024

Our main partners and co-organization

The main objective of the event is to raise awareness through a series of actions on social inclusion issues based on the Charter of the United Nations Convention, which aims to promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human and fundamental rights freedoms of people with disabilities and promote respect for their inherent dignity by overcoming the barriers that may prevent their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others.

Miss + Mister Deaf Universe - Organization and you as our main supporters, main partners and main sponsors are committed to strengthening, improving and supporting the ever-growing community of deaf men and women. The aim is to promote assistance for the disabled in accordance with European law, to support people with hearing problems in order to combat the disadvantages associated with the disability and to achieve better integration into society and professional life. Other goals of the organization are to combat mutual prejudice between the deaf and the weak, to hold courses and information events to bring the culture of the deaf and sign language closer to the general public and to reduce discrimination against the deaf, to cooperate with schools, vocational schools and other organizations or clubs and companies. The focus is on pursuing the goal of professional integration and promoting models, actors and deaf artists. Deaf models, actors and artists are particularly discriminated against and regularly rejected by modeling agencies and other casting agencies because of their disabilities, so that they hardly have a real chance on the job market.

Miss + Mister Deaf Universe is a unique special international beauty pageant for the deaf that aims to promote talent, eliminate discrimination and create social inclusion to affirm the foundation of people's rights. By taking the opportunity to associate your brand with the communication action proposed in this project, you improve the action itself. It generates strength and energy in the purest form of communion between people: the certainty of equality beyond all prejudice. There is no more effective form of communication, even if it is silent, it is able to involve the sensitivity at all levels, reaching it and producing through the means the emotion, the sound, the clear, strong and the simple feeling to transform, mostly possible, but not at all, a wonderful feeling for everyone. More than 40 participants from around the world, divided into men and women, will be able to face the challenge of going on stage to be judged by a jury of film industry experts, photography, fashion and international journalism with the certainty of no discrimination to experience.

MISS + MISTER DEAF UNIVERSE is against bullying and violence against women and children.

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